Burlap And Lace Wedding Invitations

Is there anything more romantic, more rustic or more inviting than burlap and lace wedding invitations? If you can find then, please let us know and we will add it to the site. Until then we’ll just have to make due with these incredible invitations. And incredible they are. Just take a look at the most popular burlap and lace invites on the site. The first one, this rustic burlap lace twine sunflower wedding invitation is a great example of what you can expect to find one this page and in the accompanying category, filled with more burlap and lace wedding invitations.

Are you searching for a way to finish off the last of the preparations for you your rustic wedding? One excellent thing about a burlap themed wedding invitation is that they make an excellent compliment to just about any country or rustic themed wedding. The reason, and this is not a negative by any means, is that they are more generic in nature. By generic we don’t mean to say they don’t have a lot to offer, you’ll almost be able to smell the burlap, feel the lace, but you can also fit them in to just about any wedding. And that is one of their true strengths. One that both you and I can embrace. There is a reason why everyone is talking about these unique and at the same time flexible wedding invitation option.

What do you get when you order these burlap and lace wedding invitations? Easy you get a set of high-quality, breathtakingly original, and thoroughly personal invitations. The reason for this is simple, you’re not just buying a basic pre-formatted template that has seen better days, these invites are customized by you for your once in a lifetime day and we want you to get what you both want as well as need. You see these invitations are more than just a slip of paper. They are designed by you, you choose the border, the paper (which comes in many different styles and qualities) and you include your information. Keep refining your invitation until you get it worked out. You’re under no obligation to order, you set your pace. And when you are all finished you get to choose the discount.


You read that right. All of the invitations, this includes the extremely popular 5″x7″ format, get save as much as 40%. You don’t need a coupon for the discount to apply. Depending on how many wedding invitations you need you can save. And save big. For order of 25 or more invitations you can get 15% off. But for those of you celebrating a little bit bigger country or rustic wedding you can cut even more off of your wedding invitation price tag. For example if you order 50 or more invitations you can save 25%. Or go all out and take 40% off the print costs when you order 100 or more burlap and lace wedding invitations?. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in keep shopping and find the perfect invitation for your wedding. You may find it costs you much less than you expected!

Would you like to further personalize these burlap and lace wedding invitations? Then all you need is a little time, some ribbon and those little paper doilies that your grandmother uses. Choose a doily that suite your taste, there are plenty of options out there for you to select from and why not take that one extra little step to get the most from your invitations. Here is a short how-to:

  1. Take one of your doilies and place your invitation in the center.
  2. Fold the portion of the doily that sticks over the sides up onto the invitation so that they wrap around the sides.
  3. Next take a length of your ribbon, white works especially well here and tie it around the doily and invitation and form a bow.

This makes a beautiful finishing touch and an even more personal statement! So what do you think? Would this rustic burlap wedding menu cards with lace & twine look good with this fantastic touch?

There are many different styles and themes of country rustic wedding invitations for you to choose from on the website, but not everyone of them is ideal for your wedding. Finding the perfect wedding invitations for your big day can be time consuming, but it is also a very rewarding experience when you find the perfect one. There are many different options on this page, many of which don’t require anything more from you than your wedding information and they are ready to go. Still others allow you to customize nearly every aspect of their design to get the most out of your paper print products. One thing is certain though, when it comes to your country themed wedding, two things need to be present, lace and burlap. Why not include them on your wedding invitation?