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Howdy, and welcome to Country Rustic Wedding Invitations! Are you looking to style your country themed wedding with the right invitation? Then you will want to take a look at these beautiful rustic wedding options. We’ve put together a great assortment of designs that capture the theme beautifully. Just take a look for yourself.

Rustic Wedding Invitations

If you are interested in embracing a true rustic country wedding you will love the idea of rustic invitations. Unlike their straight country alternatives the rustic sort offers a number of different elegant options that all focus on different aspects of rural life. Each of these different aspects comes to life in different forms of rustic weddings. Vintage rustic invitations give your wedding a touch of nostalgia through the use of antique looking embellishments while a boho option might embody new or alternative designs to make a completely different look.

When it comes to rustic wedding invitations we’ve got everything your looking for and more. From beautifully customizable invitations to decorations to make your wedding pop you’ll find it here!

No matter which direction you want to take your wedding there is always an invitation that will help you get there. Rustic invitations offer a lot of versatility that might not be available when you choose to celebrate another type of wedding. Combine that with the different aspects of a country themed and you can mix and match to create a unique take on one of the most rewarding types of wedding you could possibly have.

Simply Rustic

One of the aspects that make choosing rustic country wedding invitations so attractive for many is the ability to mix the different aspects of the various cards you’ll find on the site.

A suite of cards is usually easy to put together when you base the set on the overall feel rather than the stringent need to match. These principals can be found in the various aspects of planning when you look at different types of rustic wedding.

The following cards ideas offer some fun alternatives to the different aspects of country and rustic weddings.

Rustic Wedding Invitations

These designs offer a lot of customization allowing you to quickly and easily craft your rustic wedding invitation to your personal tastes. But they are far from all of the excellent invitation options you’ll find on the website. Just take a look at these incredible choices. One such choice is the ever popular, ever tasteful burlap and lace wedding invitation which comes in a wide variety of styles and options for you to customize for your wedding.

Wedding Invitations with a Country Flare

No matter if you’re looking for something that brings back memories of the farm or captures a special moment in your life this diverse collection of country themed rustic wedding invitations will have just what you’re after. Take for instance the large assortment of incredible firefly wedding invitations to the heavy texutre of rustic wood wedding invitations.

Choosing the Right Invitation

There are a large number of steps that go into finding the right invitation for your country rustic wedding. The idea that you just browse until you find the right card and then your done might work for birthdays or other general celebrations. Weddings are anything but general and the desire to find the best invitation for your celebration is one that can easily require several hours of thought and planning before it is achieved.

When you pick out a theme for your wedding you tend to base this on various aspects that are important for you. There are a number of different ways you can use this to inspire your choice of invitation for your wedding.

First there are a number of hints that can be followed to help you pinpoint the aspects of a country or rustic wedding that give you a good basis to find the right invitation. These are in-general very specific to the people organizing it and it would be difficult to put together a list of topics that would be useful for choosing the right rustic invitations. But there are, however, certain points that can applied to every invitation purchase, that puts importance on the things that are common to all invitations regardless of the style you choose.

The following list gives you certain criteria that you can apply to any purchase.

These are:

1. Budget

When you go looking for the right invitations cost shouldn’t play a role, but in most cases you will have set a budget and it is important to stay within budget for the different categories.

That doesn’t mean though that you cannot get the invitations you want for your rustic wedding. There are plenty of ways to stay within your wedding budget and still get an amazing collection of cards to send to your guests.

The invitations you find on the site embody many different characteristics that are popular for country and rustic weddings.

They are also affordable.

Because at the heart of ever rustic wedding isn’t a big budget. It is the warmth and love that is felt by everyone involved in the festivities.

2. Quality

That doesn’t mean quality isn’t important.

It is.

And that is what you get here on

The high-quality wedding invitations you will see here on the site give you an excellent choice of options at an affordable price. When you pick one of the templates on the site you get the unique opportunity to choose the elements that are important to you while still being able expect a print with superb quality.

3. Satisfaction

And that is why you will get a feel of satisfaction when you open your box of invitations that you designed just a few days before.

The satisfaction you will feel when you see the quality of the prints and marvel at their affordable price.

Finally you will be satisfied when you send your rustic invitations out, knowing the recipients will be as excited as you are about the upcoming wedding.

An invitation is more that a piece of printed paper. It is the sum of the different elements that you have placed in it. The time spent picking it out and customizing it, the design that you carefully selected and the time spent sending them to your guests.

When you think about an invitation like that there can only be satisfaction when you see that everything has come together into one neat package.

Country or Rustic

One of the common misconceptions about country and rustic is that they are the same thing. They are of course related, but I like to think about them as two sides of the same coin.

What that means is that they share a lot of the same characteristics but they are in fact different styles of weddings.

That is why we have made an effort to give you both options organized so that you can get a quick overview of what the different style offer.

Some of the main aspects to keep in mind when you choose the right invitation for your wedding is to decide what style you will be celebrating and then pick the right look according.

First look at country weddings. For the most part country wedding invitations often take on the features of a farmstead. This means that barns, wagon wheels, and horseshoes are all good candidates for a fitting motif. On the other hand when you look for the right rustic wedding invitation you will often see things like trees, strings of lights, and mason jars.

That doesn’t mean that certain features aren’t common to both types of designs. Burlap, lace, and sunflowers adorn both for various reasons. This gives you a lot of versatility and a freedom when it comes selecting a look that fits your tastes.

And if you haven’t found the one just yet, here are a couple more places to help get your hunt started.

Rustic Themed Weddings

A rustic wedding is one of the most personal and moving wedding your can ceelbrate. From the friendly inviting atmosphere to the more grounded and traditonal ceremony there aren’t many themes you could choose for your big day with as much to offer as this. And we’re certain you’ll agree there aren’t many days like the one you’ll soon be celebrating. A wedding is a magical once in a lifetime event, make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for from yours.

Invitation Etiquette & Tips

When you plan a wedding, even a country rustic one, there can be questions. And while they are easier to plan and to host there are times when you just need to find an answer to a specific question. This list can help answer some of those questions.

Do I need to added postage to the RSVP cards?

This is a common concern for many young couples when they get ready to send their wedding invitations out the door. And if you are including RSVP cards, and you should, the answer is yes. When you send an invitation that includes an RSVP you should always place a stamp on the card.

Of course not all of the guests will choose to slip it into the mailbox, or they may RSVP through other means, but a stamp is still required.

The reason why a stamp is required on an RSVP card is simple, it is considered impolite to ask for an RSVP and expect your guest to pay for the postage.

One way to avoid the added expense of an extra postage stamp for every invitation you send is to skip the RSVP card. While the RSVP is often a nice compliment to a rustic invitation, not all weddings need, or require an additional card.

In this case you will want to make sure that you provide plenty of means for your guests to contact you so that you know who will be coming and who will be absent.

This can be done through email, text, or via the telephone. Just remember that the more opportunities you make available the better your response will be. A golden rule is to always provide a telephone number so that your older guests will be able to contact the person responsible for the guest list.

When do I send out invitations?

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you send your wedding invitations. When you choose an invitation the sooner you pick it out the better. Most wedding invitations, rustic or otherwise, should be sent out in enough time for your guests to prepare for the celebration.

By knowing when the wedding is they will have a chance to make plans. The sooner they receive the invitation the easier this will be.

In general you should send your invitations out two to three months in advance.

There is an exception to the rule, however. If you intend to send some form of save the date you can get away with sending the formal invitation a month and a half to two months before the wedding.

While this might seem like a great way to save a little bit of time, it also requires you to find a fitting save the date card. The effort required might not be worth the time you save when you delay sending the invitations.